St. Charles, MO Wallpaper Removal

There are few tasks around your home that are more tedious and frustrating than stripping wallpaper of the walls where you want to change it or paint. It often leaves those that try doing it themselves shaking their heads at how unbelievably hard it is without the right know how and the right equipment to do the job. Well with our affordable pricing you no longer have to do this somewhat arduous task yourself. We here at BRS Painting have the know how and tools to make any St. Charles wallpaper removal job go quickly and smoothly and we can do it at a price that will fit your budget nicely.

One of the biggest problems with wallpaper is that your decorating taste changes over the years and if you want to change it you can’t simply put new wallpaper over it or paint it. Every last bit of wallpaper and glue has to come of the wall or the new wallpaper or paint will not stick and your finished job will look rough and uneven. There really is nothing that looks worse than worn, yellowed and faded wallpaper; it can make even the most nicely furnished rooms in your home look dull and drab.

Not only is wallpaper extremely difficult to remove, if the removal is not done right you can also damage the plaster or drywall base that it is applied to. So that is why it is always best to have a trained professional do the job. It is not as expensive as you think; especially if you factor in the time and aggravation you will save by not having to do this tedious task yourself.


How difficult is it to Strip Wallpaper?

There are a lot of factors that go into the difficulty of a wallpaper removal job. Things that factor into this are the thickness of the wallpaper, the surface that is applied to, the number of sheets of wallpaper on there and the type of glue that a particular type of wallpaper has on it. The trouble is you can never really prepare properly for these different scenarios because you don’t know what you are facing until you start doing the actual work. Professional St. Charles wallpaper removal expert such as ours can make adjustments as they work and have a variety of different tools at their disposal to handle any wallpaper removal situation. Not only do are technicians skills come into play as they work but they also are patient and don’t get frustrated easily because they know that one of the tools at their disposal will get the job done.


The wallpaper removal process

We will first take great pains to protect the surrounding area. We will cover the floors and also remove, cover or mask any objects that may be affected by the wallpaper removal process. After everything is protected we will then carefully score the wallpaper; this helps the solution we will put on next to completely penetrate thoroughly to the back of the wallpaper. After the solution sits for about 15 minutes the removal process can begin.

Next comes the actual removal of the wallpaper. Sometimes it comes off easily and other times it must be scraped off with one of several different size putty knives; this step must be done very carefully so as not to hurt the surface of the wall. After all the wallpaper has been completely removed the technician will go over the wall again to make sure there is no adhesive left on it. At this point if we are going to paint for you we will also fix any minor imperfections in the wall before painting.

Our St. Charles wallpaper removal specialists really do make this very difficult job seem this simple. So call us today and we will give you an estimate for removing your unwanted wallpaper for you.



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