Power Washing

The easy and cost efficient way to restore the beauty and shine of any home exterior is to get it pressure washed and there is no better company at doing that than we at St. Charles painting. No matter where you are in the St. Louis area we can get there and get the job done for and get it done at a price that doesn’t break your budget.  Give us a chance and you won’t regret hiring us as a St. Charles Power Washing service.

Power Washing Your Home

There are all sorts of things that can make your siding look dull and dingy looking. It can be suit from you and your neighbors chimney’s, mold and mildew forming after periods of damp weather or even everyday blowing of dust and dirt.  These things will not only hurt the looks of the exterior of your home or business but they will also take some of the useful life away from it. There is no better way to keep this from happening than to give your home or business a thorough St. Charles Power Washing and chemical treatment.

It does not really what the source is of the contaminants that are found on the exterior of your home, our highly trained and knowledgeable pressure washing professionals will get the job expertly done for you. A complete and through pressure washing job will make your home or business look great and help to protect the big investment that you have in it. The residue on the outside of your home or business will prove to be no match for our commercial grade detergents when combined with our modern and powerful pressure washing equipment. This process will kill mold and mildew to prevent further growth, restore the luster to the outside of your building and remove all of the surface contaminants without damaging even the most delicate part of your home or business. Our St. Charles Power Washing pros are really that good at what they do.


Pressure Washing Once a Year

Those in the know highly recommend that you pressure wash your home or business exterior at least once every year. And don’t just stop with your home either; pressure washing is a great way to keep your decks, fences, carports driveways and sidewalks looking great too. There is no reason to ever have anything on the outside of your home or business with years of built up grime on it to take away from its looks. So call us and get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pressure washing task is being handled by the highly experienced and fully insured individuals that we employ.