St. Charles Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

It is hard for anyone to deny that one of the most used rooms in their home is their kitchen; it’s the very reason why many people start there when it comes time to improving the looks of the interior of their homes. It is the one room where there are a lot of areas that a person can make dramatic changes too which will alter the looks of an entire home. You can do such things as change the type of flooring, replace the cabinetry and add new appliances to give your kitchen a whole different look.

There is one big drawback to this approach though and that is the price tag associated with doing those things; these days that can run you a small fortune and leave you with something such as a hard to pay off second mortgage. There is an easier way to help achieve the same results but at a much lower cost and that is to simply paint or repaint or refinish your kitchen cabinets. Properly done St. Charles Cabinet Painting will not only transform the entire look and feel of your kitchen but it will also add a layer of protection to your cabinets to help them last longer longer too.


Why Hire Us to Paint Your St. Charles, MO Cabinetry

Who is the best St. Charles Cabinet Painting company to contact to talk to someone about painting your kitchen cabinets? A good place to start is right here with the reputable experts from BRS. Our professional painting company is known for paying attention to detail all the way from the time we first give you your estimate until the entire project is finished. That is how we can assure every customer that each and every cabinet painting job we do will come out looking perfect.

Let’s face it; you are not looking for just a simple coat of paint on your cabinets when you get them redone; you are looking for a makeover that gives your kitchen a fresh new look and feel about it that says, “Wow”. Your cabinet painting job must also be done in a way that will help it hold up to the day to day rigors that kitchens are faced with too.

Like any of our painting projects, we believe that preparation is the key to having a beautifully finished project. That is why we take the time to do each and every preparatory task the right way. We will start by removing all the cabinet doors, drawers and the fixtures on them. Once that is done we will cover and mask anything else in your kitchen that is not to be painted. We make sure that the only thing we paint when doing the job is the cabinets themselves.

cabinet-and-interior St. Charles

After the cabinets are prepped a light sanding is then done on them to get off any loose paint. A liquid chemical is then applied to the surface of the cabinets to help remove the previous coat of paint from them; this will help keep the paint from building up too much and hurting the finished look of the cabinet painting job. It will also help the paint adhere to the cabinet surface better too. Once they have completely dried the cabinets will then have a coat of primer put on them with a high velocity/low pressure sprayer; this type of paint sprayer ensures a uniform finish with just the right amount of primer applied. This primer coat is then allowed to dry for at least 24 hours before painting.

When it comes time to paint the cabinets our highly experienced and expertly trained painting technicians will do an incredible job for you. We make sure they have access to the latest and best painting equipment that money can buy also. The paint we use is only that of the highest quality but we use our buying power to bring it to you at a very reasonable price; the fact of the matter is a lesser quality paint will save you money but probably not leave you with the type of great looking cabinet paint job that you were hoping for. We will allow at least 48 hours for the finished coat to dry before reinstalling the cabinets; the longer the paint cures the more durable the finish will be.

We also never leave without doing a thorough touch up and no job of ours is ever truly complete until you are 100% satisfied with the work that has been done. For the reasonable price of your St. Charles Cabinet Painting job you will think you are standing in a different kitchen than the one before.