St. Charles, MO Interior Painters

As with any painting job that is done on the interior of your home or business, the entire end result of that project will depend greatly on the preparation work that is done before the first brush or roller ever hits the surfaces that are to be painted. When we sit down with you for your color consultation at the same time we will give you an overview of how we will handle every step in your particular painting project; this will include the preparation work we will do for you before the painting starts. Typically this will include such things as the repairing of small holes in your walls and ceilings, patching over of cracks and fixing exposed screw heads or nail pops.


Simple St. Charles Interior Painting Pricing

The one thing you will never get from us is hidden fees; we don’t like these when we are purchasing a service, so we certainly will not do it to you when you purchase painting services from us. Together we will come to an agreement as to what steps we will take during the preparation process and how much each of these steps will cost. We are not a contractor that believes in doing just the bare minimum preparation to get by either and this step will ensure you get the important prep work that you desire at a price that fits into your budget. The only surprise you will get from us when the project is done is how magnificent your new interior paint job looks.

Once the prep work is all done then it’s time to start painting but it’s not as simple as purchasing any old can of paint and then slapping it on your walls and ceilings. Our paint selection for you will include some of the highest quality, most durable and longest lasting paints you will find available. Best of all we will use our preferred vendor discounts to get them for you at the lowest possible price. Sure you might be able to save a little money going with some discount brand of paint but that will come back to haunt you in just a few short years; that is why we only use those paints that are meticulously color matched, have proven longevity and whose manufacturers stand by their guarantees 100%. There is nothing that will leave you more satisfied than by having a finished interior painting job that both looks awesome and you know will hold up for many years to come.

Sheen and color are also very important to get the finished results you desire from your painting project; this step can be extremely difficult because most of the time you cannot tell exactly how paints will look until the job is finished. That is why during the initial color consultation our professional interior decorating specialists will help you every step of the way. They will give you their expert input on your color and sheen selections so you can narrow down your choices to get exactly the look in the interior of your home or business that you were hoping for when the first decided to do the project.


Types of Painter We Use as Interior Painters

Why is sheen as important as color selection? It’s because it is what determines such things as the reflectiveness of the paint, how easy the surface is to clean and how uniform the finish will be. In most cases we will recommend the use of flat or matte sheens. At one time these were the hardest types of sheen surfaces to clean but with todays advanced paint formulas this is no longer a problem. Even flat enamels, which were once known as being notoriously difficult to clean, can now easily handle everyday scrubbing and still look great.

In some places such as your young children’s rooms, it is often best to go with an eggshell or satin finish because these will usually clean up well with just a west rag. The general rule is the glossier the type of paint the easier it is to clean; the downside of higher gloss paints is they do not hide imperfections as well. There are times that a gloss or semi-gloss paint works is the right choice too; such is the case for molding, door and trim painting. These surfaces tend to come into contact with such things as dirty shoes and grimy hands so you want them to clean up easily. It also helps these features stand out by providing some contrast too.


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