St. Charles Exterior Painters

Sometimes the exterior of your home can start to look dull and dingy and become badly in need of an exterior makeover. There is no better way to do this than by painting the exterior of your home. Not only will an exterior paint job make your home or business look much better but it will also help protect your investment because it will help the material it’s made up of hold up better and last longer. We are not the type of business that cuts corners either; that is why we only employ experienced, well trained painting technicians and only use premium painting products too. We have a reputation for leaving each and every one of our many painting customers highly satisfied with the work we do.

Here are the typical steps we take for each exterior painting project:

–        Pressure washing the entire exterior surface in order to get off loose paint, dirt and other surface contaminants that may keep the paint from adhering to the surface as well as it should.

–        Sand and Scrape off all areas that have loose or peeling paint.

–        We will replace any rotting or damaged trim pieces.

–        Fill in any cracks or holes

–        Protect areas that you don’t want to get paint on such as plants, shrubs, lights, windows and handrails.

–        Apply the high quality paint coating

–        Inspect the work and touch up where necessary

–        Do a thorough cleanup of the entire work area

Why choose us for your exterior painting needs?

For one, we have the knowhow and equipment to make any type of exterior painting project flow smoothly and look great after we are done. We are a company that bases everything we do on pride and we don’t consider any job to be complete until you are totally satisfied with it. It is the only type of reputation in the painting business that is acceptable to us; that is why we are such a sought after and in demand locally owned and operated painting company. You just can’t beat the quality of work that you will get from an experienced company that uses only quality paints and takes a lot of pride in the work they do.

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To assure you that there will be no hidden surprises when you get the bill we will come out to your place of residence and give you a totally free estimate. At that time we can also help you select your color choices and also go over with you the individual steps in your estimate. All of our work is fully guaranteed and we also carry all the insurances that are necessary to give you peace of mind in every way possible when we do your exterior painting job for you.