Drywall Repair

Do you really need to do drywall and plaster repairs before you get the interior of your house painted? The answer to this question is a resounding yes if you want to have the perfect finish on your interior painting job. Restoring blemished surfaces is so important to the looks of any interior painting project.

That is why we at BRS Painting employ some of the best drywall repair specialists in the business. We know how important these highly skilled individuals are to the finished product. It’s a simple fact that everyday events can be tough on the plaster and drywall in your home; from wear and tear from your kids to accidents while moving furniture there are seemingly endless ways in which the walls in your home can get blemished. Even such things as the ground underneath your home settling, passing traffic, passing trains and other events can cause vibrations that will leave stress cracks and other imperfections in your interior walls

BRS Painting St. Charles

No matter what causes damage to your drywall we can expertly take care of it for you. Our skilled technicians are great at making the surface of any interior wall smooth and uniform again. They will even do an excellent job at matching any existing textures in the drywall or plaster in your home. We carry a wide variety of excellent plaster and drywall repair compounds that will fill in cracks and holes in your walls so well you will not know they were ever there.

Hire Us For Your Drywall and Plaster Repair Work

Well for one we realize how important proper plaster and drywall repairs are to the overall finished look of your interior painting job. We have the experience and know how to make your interior walls look almost as good as new when we are done. It is simply not a job that you want to entrust to someone that is not a painting professional and does not do this type of work on a regular basis. St. Charles Painting is also fully insured to give you the utmost piece of mind as we handle any painting task for you. When you look at our reputation and then combine that with our experience, equipment and training; you will find no better company than us to handle your drywall and plaster repair needs or any other painting task that you may need done.