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Every once in a while there is a painting company that builds its reputation based on high quality workmanship and exceptional customer service and you have just found us. We here at BRS Painting of St. Charles do not consider a job to be complete until you are fully satisfied with our work.

Just take a look at all the different types of Painting and Surface Preparation Services we specialize in:



Getting the inside of your home or business to look good requires more than just slapping a coat of paint on the wall. Our expert team of St. Charles painters will plan step by step how they will tackle painting each room in your home that needs it and then meticulously go about completing the task. Interior painting is a process not just a project and needs to be treated that way from the start.

Here are the different phases of our painting projects that are required in order for any interior painting project to be completed properly:

In Home Consultation

These days there are literally thousands of colors that you can choose to put on the walls of your home or business. It helps to have an expert there when you are making these kinds of decisions and that is exactly what we do when we send one of our experts to do a free home consultation with you. It never hurts to have an experienced painting professional there to bounce ideas off of when doing such things as selecting coordinated colors and tones. You only want to paint once and we will be there with you every step of the way to help each and every painting job we do get done right.

Project Planning

Long before the first can of paint is open the entire task will be carefully planned to make the entire painting project go as smoothly as possible. We think careful planning is just as important as any other part of your painting project.

Masking and Household Items Protection

The only place you want paint is on your walls, molding, doors and trim pieces; there is nothing that makes a painting job look worse than spots on windows, droplets on door knobs and splotches on the floor. That is why we meticulously mask the areas where paint does not belong and take the time necessary to thoroughly cover your floors, furniture and other household items.

Interior St. Charles

Surface Preparation

No paint job will ever look good if the surface it is going on is in a state of disrepair. That is why we will take the time to do such things as light sanding of peeling wood and spackling of holes in your drywall before the first coat of paint ever goes on.

Quality Primer and Paint Application

Our team of painting experts knows exactly how to apply each type of paint you have chosen properly and the exact number of coats it takes to make the job look good. Our painting technicians even know what type of brush and roller strokes work best on each type of surface that makes up your home or office walls.

Touch Up

Although it is not often necessary with our expert painting crews, we will take the time to inspect every aspect of the paint application that has been done. If it is required, we will touch up or redo any areas where we feel the paint did not go on exactly as we would have liked it to.

Clean Up

No job that we do is complete until we have totally picked up after ourselves when we have completed all of the other steps in the process. The only way you will even know we have been there is by looking at the beautiful coat of paint that now covers the interior walls of your home or business.

Most important to remember is that no job that our St. Charles painting crew does is ever considered complete until you are 100% satisfied with the interior painting project we have done for you.



There are few things that you own that will take as much of a beating from Mother Nature and the elements as the exterior of your home or business. It is a big investment that you certainly want to look good so it’s essential that it be painted on a somewhat routine basis. Painting is important not only for the looks of the exterior of your home or business, but it also provides a layer of protection against the elements and to help preserve such exterior finishes as plaster, metal siding or wood that it is built with.

Here is a list of the steps we will take to make sure your exterior painting project turns out looking perfect:

Complete Surface Preparation

Pressure Washing – A thorough pressure washing is essential to the successful completion of any exterior painting job. It will remove loose paint, mold and mildew and any other contaminants that the paint we apply will have a hard time adhering too if its present.

Additional Sanding – This will further prepare the exterior of your home or business for painting by removing any other bits of loose or peeling paint.

Surface Repairs

Replace any damaged or rotten wood trim sections – To make the job look good when done and to make it last we will need to replace any wood trim areas that are rotten or damaged before applying any paint.

Make sure the surface is uniform – Any large cracks or holes must be filled in so the surface of your exterior walls will readily accept the new coat of paint that we will put on.

Protecting your Home or Businesses Features

We will take the time necessary to cover and mask such things as your shrubs, plants, handrails, lights and other features so they are not impacted by the painting process.

BRS painting st charles mo

Primer and Paint Application

Our highly trained crews know exactly how to apply the paint to each type of surface found on the exterior of your home or business and how many coats each type of surface requires to protect it and make it look superb.

Touch Up and Detail Work

A thorough inspection of the exterior paint job will be undertaken after all the coats of paint are applied and at this time any necessary touch up or detail work will be done to ensure that the finished project looks great.

Thorough Clean Up

No job is considered finished until we have cleaned up after ourselves completely. This includes removing any masking tape or tarps that were put on over the course of the exterior painting project.

We have the experience, professional knowhow and the most modern and up to date equipment to successfully complete any exterior painting job that you would have us do for you.



There is no painting job around your home or office that requires more knowhow and attention to detail than Cabinet painting. It just so happens to be one of our specialties at BRS Painting, your trusted St. Charles Painting contractor. When we are done painting your cabinets it will be as if the room it was done in is reborn; the cabinet painting work we do is really that good.

If you have not been to a home improvement center lately and have seen the price of new cabinets then you will be in for a shock when you do so; many people can simply not afford the prices that are being demanded for new cabinets these days. Why would you want to pay that much money anyway when you can give your cabinets a new look simply by painting them. The wood in cabinets seldom goes bad and a new coat of paint done properly will give you the same effect as purchasing new cabinets and it can be done for a much lower cost.

Cabinet painting can do the same thing for your kitchen that putting a new set of furniture in your living room or bedroom can do; it can change the entire overall look and feel of your kitchen. Our cabinet painting professionals will come to your home and help guide you through the many phases of this process to ensure that you get the finished look you desire in your kitchen.

Here are the most important steps of the cabinet painting process:

Free Consultation and Estimate

We will come to your home if you so desire and take a look at your cabinets and help you decide exactly how you would like the job to be done. Once that is decided we will give you a cost estimate for the job. You will be pleasantly surprised by how fair and competitive our cabinet painting prices are.  They’re on par or cheaper than competing St. Charles Painters.

Paint Selection

There are basically 3 main types of paints that are generally used for cabinet painting. Oil based paints will last longer and leave a harder coat on your cabinets but they will also take time to lose their new paint odor. Latex based paints are very easy to clean up after and leave no smell after a few days but they are not nearly as durable as oil based paints. Acrylic-enamels can also be used but they are hard to work with because they dry so fast and it makes them hard to get a nice finish with.

Cabinet Preparation

First we will remove the cabinet doors and drawers to enable thorough painting of your cabinets. We will then mask where necessary around your cabinet hinges and handles and any other areas where paint does not belong. We will also lightly sand where necessary.

Paint Application

Our expert painting technicians will know the exact tools necessary to put the paint on smooth and leave a great looking finish.

Touch up and Clean up

When we are done we will touch up any spots where necessary and do a thorough cleanup of your kitchen. Only your new bright cabinet paint job will give away the fact that we were there at all.

There is no better time than now to call us to do your kitchen cabinet makeover.



It would be hard to call yourself a true painting company if you didn’t have a team of experts that are excellent at doing drywall and other types of surface repairs. We at BRS Painting of St. Charles are fortunate to employ some of the best in the business. It does not matter whether we are doing surface preparation for a big painting job for you or you just want us to only do your drywall repair, our drywall experts have the knowhow to tackle any size drywall repair job for you and do it well.

BRS Painting St. Charles

Why take the time and go to the expense of repairing drywall and plaster? Because it goes without saying that no painting job will last long and look quite write without doing this first. It is as important to the overall looks of a job as selecting the right color of paint. Drywall and plaster repairs that have been done right will leave your painting project looking great by being able to apply the smooth finish that all professional St. Charles, MO painters desire. There simply can be no quality finished painting project if holes and surface cracks in your walls are left unrepaired.



Whether you are prepping for that big exterior painting project from us or you want your home or business to look great in between paint jobs, there is no better way to tackle this than by giving your home or business a very thorough pressure washing. The experts at BRS Painting of St. Charles pride ourselves on having the best equipment and chemical solutions available to do the best job on each and every pressure washing task. There simply is no better painting company to call to get this critical task done for you.

Over time molds, mildew, dirt and other contaminants will cling to the exterior walls of your home or business. It will dull even the most resistant siding and also can cause the accelerated deterioration of such things as wood trim and siding. A heavy pressure washing can help eliminate the damaging effects of such things as acid rain, surface exposure to sunlight and soot from nearby chimneys.  When pressure washing is done right it can make any type of siding look new again. When we get done with the job it will make the exterior of your home or business stand out and look great again.  Trust your power washing needs with a reputable St. Charles Painting company!



There are few tasks that you will do around your home that are as time consuming and nerve wracking as removing the wallpaper from an interior wall. It is the type of project that will leave you frustrated and wondering why that you decided to do it in the first place. Well now you can get it done expertly for you and at an affordable price. The professionals at BRS Painting of St. Charles have the knowledge and tools to get this done efficiently for you. You will be amazed how quickly and easily we can remove your wallpaper with the right combination of special tools and fast acting enzymatic spray.

So before you decide to tackle removing that wallpaper yourself or try to convince yourself that dingy, outdated wallpaper still looks good; give the experts at BRS Painting of St. Charles a call and we will give you a free estimate on what it would take for us to get the job done for you.  Remember, when considering removing your wallpaper trust a professional St. Charles Painting contractor!



Every business owner strives to make everything they do in respect to their business make a statement about it. The outside of your business is the first thing your customers see and there is no better way to make a statement here than to give it a fresh coat of paint and the experts at BRS Painting of St. Charles are here to help. It does not matter whether you want an exterior painting makeover or to brighten up the inside walls of your business, we have the tools and the professional knowhow to get each and every type of commercial painting and repair task done for you.

BRS Painting St. Charles

We can help you with even the most challenging business painting and repair projects. Our experts are standing by ready to do the painting or light repair job you need done with the finest tools and products that are available. Our trained professionals approach every commercial project we take on as if we were doing it for ourselves and we will also complete it in a timely yet efficient manner. We can even accommodate you fully by making our skilled crews available during weekend or holiday working hours so as not to interfere with the day to day workings of your business.

Here is just a small sample of some of the expert commercial services we provide:

–        Exterior Pressure Washing and Cleaning

–        Interior and exterior Painting

–        Minor Wood and Other Carpentry Repairs

–        Waterproof Coating Applications

–        Drywall and Plaster Repairs

–        Epoxy Floor and Finish Repairs

There is no need to call several companies to get your painting, pressure washing and minor repair needs done because BRS Painting of St. Charles can get all of these expertly and affordably done for you.